Role of Diet in Cancer Prevention

Diet and lifestyle factors play a major role in increasing or decreasing the risk of cancers irrespective of the family history and other genetic factors. Eating habits influence the health to a major extent than expected and the recent research studies show significant reduction in risk of cancer and boost up of immune system with specific healthy diet rich in nutrients. The following are the right foods which help in prevention of cancer. Continue reading

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Most Common Cancers of the World

Though there is vast research conducted and there are well proven facts known about cancer, there is always a blind area about some cancers raising questions among public – why they occur?, when they occur? and in whom they occur?. As it is impossible to know about each and every cancer in detail, it is worth knowing about the most common cancers. The awareness of common cancers helps the individual to be away from the modifiable risk factors and causative agents of those cancers and helps to be alert about the early symptoms. Continue reading

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Management of Cancer

The aim of Cancer treatment is to cure or increase the survival rate of the patient. Though some cancers are not curable, opting for the right course of treatment improves the quality of life and helps in relief from miserable pains. It wrong notion among most of the individuals that all cancers are fatal and not curable. The early diagnosis and initiation of treatment is the main key for most of the cancers to limit their spread. Few cancers like seminoma, Acute lymphatic leukemia in children if diagnosed early and treated promptly have high chances of getting cured. Diagnosis of cancer is mostly based on pathological examination if it is a solid tumor or relevant blood tests if it is Blood cancer. After the diagnosis is made, staging of cancer is to be defined with specific investigations which show the spread of cancer to various organs. Depending on the stage and grade of cancer the suitable treatment course can be planned. Continue reading

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Causes and Risk factors of cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases which are considered fatal by most of them. So, the policy of “Prevention is better than cure” exactly holds good for Cancer. Hence the knowledge of the causes of Cancer is very important for every individual in prevention of cancer. Most of the causes of cancer are environmental and a few are genetic related. Environmental factors are mostly modifiable and if extra care is taken to prevent them, the risk of getting cancer can be reduced to a greater extent.
Cancer is due to effect of mutagens, the agents which cause mutation of DNA which is responsible for uncontrolled cell growth. These mutagens are termed as Carcinogens. Not all carcinogens are mutagens. The causative factors of cancer can be broadly divided into: Continue reading

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When to suspect cancer-Signs and symptoms of cancer

Cancer also termed as Neoplasia and Malignancy is a group of diseases which come under single pathology of uncontrolled growth of cells of a part of body or an organ of body or it may involve a particular system of the body. Though many dreadful diseases are noticed in the practice of medicine, cancer is the most fearful disease amongst the people. The characteristic of cancer which differentiates it from other diseases is its ability to expand, spread throughout the body which is termed as metastasis which when not controlled can lead to death due to dysfunction of various organs of the body. In the recent times, most of the cancers when diagnosed early, prior to metastasis are treatable completely or to some extent and when some of the cancers are not treatable, with initiation of early treatment the 5 year survival rate increases. So, It is important to know the symptoms and signs of the disease which helps the individual to suspect the cancer and to seek the help of the medical professional. Continue reading

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